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    Margarita Chkheidze was born in the Republic of Georgia into an aristocratic family that gave to the world a number of talented artists, writers and performers (the great American ballerina Tamara Toumanova being one of them).

   Margarita made her first stage appearance at the age of 4.5 years; at nine she was already performing with a symphony orchestra. She graduated with honors from one of the leading musical schools in the world the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. After graduation, the young pianist was immediately hired to The Bolshoi Theatre, where she worked side-by side with such legends of ballet as Maya Plisetskaya and Galina Ulanova. Margarita then went on to accept a position as solo pianist for Mosconcert Moscow Philharmonics, with extensive performances all over the former Soviet Union and Europe.

   Margarita was awarded for her outstanding performances at the International Mozart Competition in Salzburg, Austria. During her successful career, she has performed with some of the most prominent orchestras in Europe, working with some of the greatest conductors like Kurt Zanderling, Hans Peter Frank, and American Thomas Mayer. Later, Margarita accepted Piano Department Chair at The State Academy of Arts of Georgia. Margarita was also awarded the honorary titles of People's Artist of Georgia as well as Meritorious Artist of Russia, in recognition of her continuous contributions to music. 

   Margarita Chkheidze offers a massive and diverse repertoire with an vast expressive range. Her powerful yet subtle musical style is unique and distinctive. Her performances impress with contagious energy, velvet-soft sound, charming lyricism, elegant simplicity and faultless taste. For Margarita, the technical aspect of performance is not a goal, but merely a tool for expressing the composer’s genuine message. Each of her recitals proves to be an artistic revelation. 

  Besides being an outstanding pianist, Margarita Chkheidze is also a successful composer. Her songs and jazz compositions are popular in her home country. 

    Margarita Chkheidze regularly gives performances in Russia, Europe and USA.